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April 30, 2012

After months of being cooped up indoors in an effort to keep hypothermia at bay, it’s no wonder you’re so eager to go out when spring finally rolls around.Read more

March 30, 2012

It’s the color combination of the season, but it’s no passing fad: black and white is the peanut butter and jelly of the fashion world—a classic fan favorite that unfailingly withstands the test of time.Read more

March 11, 2012

There’s no shortage of feminine plus-size fashions on Addition Elle’s roster, what with the chiffon fabric, kimono sleeves, and crochet details sprinkled throughout the latest collection.Read more

March 05, 2012

Often an afterthought — a mere addendum to your overall look — pants get far too little credit for the role they play in your wardrobe.Read more

February 27, 2012

How much of an impact does your wardrobe have on your success in the workplace?Read more

February 19, 2012

With their fluttery sleeves, forgiving silhouettes, and just the right amount of coverage, Addition Elle’s billowy spring blouses are everything a fashion-loving lady could hope for in a plus-size top.Read more

February 11, 2012

You’re more than a little excited at the idea of refreshing your wardrobe with an all-new spring collection. And who can blame you? This season, Addition Elle has more fabulous plus-size fashions than your closet can handle.Read more

February 10, 2012

Bringing sexy back
by Cate Cadbury
Ah, February. When curves get lost under layers of thermal underwear and heavy wool knits, and the only thing you dread more than getting out of your shower is getting into your freezing car. And they call it the month of love?Read more

February 08, 2012

February. Bleak, gloomy, bitterly cold February. With your morale suffering from an acute case of winter blues—and your wardrobe of winter blahs—the timing couldn't be better to swoop in and lift your spirits with springtime inspiration. While your plus-size fashion essentials for the season ahead are countless, a good place to start is with Addition Elle’s top 10 spring must-haves.Read more

January 16, 2012

It's a promising new year and you've devised many a plan to make your health and wellness a priority by fitting some much deserved "me" time into your busy schedule. Alas, somewhere between hitting the gym and curling up in front of your favorite sitcom, you forgot to factor in your sense of style.Read more

January 13, 2012

Glacial winds. Perilous sidewalks. Icy, snow-covered roads. Funny how winter looses its charm the minute the holidays are over… Planning on fleeing the sub-zero temps for a week or two? Plus-size brand Addition Elle has exactly what you need to escape to your next sunny destination in style. Just pick up any of the fashion essentials that comprise the following top 5 looks.Read more

December 12, 2011

If I could pick a night—any night—to give my social calendar and cocktail-party attire a rest, it would be the night before Christmas.Read more

December 06, 2011

The holiday countdown has officially begun and in an ideal world, your holiday wardrobe should be bought, your party menu should be set, and your gift list should be checked off. In an ideal world.Read more

November 29, 2011

The holidays are a perfect excuse for a lot of things. Showering friends and family with love and gifts. Raising a glass or two (or more) in the spirit of the season. The holidays are also the perfect excuse to channel your inner femme fatale. How can plus-size brand Addition Elle help you on that front? By releasing an oh-so sexy collection of holiday-worthy lingerie.Read more

November 25, 2011

Now that we’ve gone through Addition Elle’s hit list of plus-size holiday fashions, it’s on to the next mission: ringing in the New Year with party-ready picks that’ll make it a countdown to remember.Read more

November 21, 2011

What does a woman really want? To walk into a room and hear a pin drop. Not because the party is slow to start. No, no. Because her jaw-dropping, traffic-halting, show-stopping outfit has brought all conversations to a standstill.Read more