Fashion Can Be Bigger
When it comes to fashion, it feels like we've seen it all: from dog clothes to avocado dresses... But finally, fashion has done something truly crazy. Made clothes for all women. By collaborating with global brands and sharing our design expertise, WE are making fashion bigger than ever before.

We believe fashion can be bigger than the world’s narrow-minded perception. It can be bigger than the obstacles ahead. It can be bigger than we ever imagined. Fashion can be bigger. Period.

Together we can turn fashion into something more powerful, pervasive and world-changing.

Hadassah McGrew

"When I rocked the clothes I wore on set I felt like a whole different woman; like the fashion forward woman that I know I strive to be and know that I am."

Clémentine Desseaux

"With Addition Elle, I am always stylish regardless of the trend. Style over fast fashion!"


"I’m elated to see what Addition Elle does and will continue to do for the plus size fashion market."

Amanda Moroney

" I like that I can find pieces that allow me to highlight my body and dress in the style I feel great in."