Meet the ladies

Fearless, honest, loving, strong, unapologetic, outspoken, spirited, free, passionate, wild, funny and inclusive, these are the words spoken by women for women. We brought together 12 of the strongest ladies and asked them what was their fashion democracy?


Plus-size supermodel, body activist and lingerie designer, Ashley Graham believes a woman is not defined by a size or a class, she is defined by herself. "Sexy comes in all different shapes and sizes" that is Ashley's fashion democracy.


Street style icon and model Jordyn Woods demonstrates everything there is about the body confidence movement. "Your individuality is your greatest gift, so find what it is you like about YOUR body".

Fashion Democracy

Feel it. Fashion it. Follow it.

Loving - Marika @marika_ofarrell Strong - Elly @ellymaydayofficialfanpage Unapologetic - Roxy @luxuriousroxy Outspoken - Joanie @joaniepietracupa Spirited - Isabella @isabellaforget Free - Olivia @ohhdoubleyou Passionate - Stéphanie @StephanieStJeanOfficiel Wild - Shadia @shadia_model Funny - Bree @breekish Inclusive - Lulu @louisvuittoncrocs

Fashion Democracy is a philosophy grounded in the belief that style isn't limited by size. It's a movement that allows women to show society that nothing can get in the way of a woman and her sexiness. Addition Elle believes that a woman can wear what she wants, when she wants, where she wants. We create clothing that fits to flaunt because we want to make YOU feel confident and beautiful inside and out.