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Plus Size Jeggings

Find sleek plus size jeggings for women online at Addition Elle. This store is filled with the best jean leggings to highlight a silhouette beautifully and serve as a starting point for a very sophisticated, casual, all-comfort outfit. Flattering, ultra-stretchy black jeggings can be matched with just about any top, and shoes. Jeggings in bold colours like a merlot red are dreamy items for an urban chic style. A super soft cropped jegging or a pair of jegging capris are must-have pants for warm weather days. Long skinny denim leggings look amazing, any day of the week, whether you wear them with slip-ons or a bootie. Pull-on jeggings and a white loose-fitting top make the perfect additions to a collection of business casual looks. Enjoy matching these skinny pants with blazers, jean or leather jackets, hoodies, t-shirts and blouses, as well as footwear favourites and trendy accessories. Sizes 10-32.