Soutien-gorge sport avec filet et fermeture éclair Nola - Intensité élevée


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Article # 764646

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Article # 764646
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Article # 764646
Ce soutien-gorge sport vif et tendance de Nola agence un dos nageur, un soutien-gorge intégré et de larges bretelles ajustables pour un maintien supérieur, le tout sous un filet contrastant avec une fermeture éclair à l'avant. Taille plus, soutien-gorge intégré à armatures avec bonnets moulés et fermoir de plastique à l'avant, large bande de taille élastique avec logo Nola. Intensité élevée.
  • Filet : 82 % polyester, 18 % élasthanne; maille : 89 % nylon, 11 % élasthanne
  • Importé
  • Laver à la main à l'eau tiède. Laver les couleurs semblables ensemble.
  • Ne pas javelliser.
  • Suspendre pour sécher.
  • Ne pas repasser.
  • Nettoyer à sec.

Comment prendre les mesures ?

Entrez vos mesures dans notre détecteur de coupe parfaite pour trouver la bonne taille de soutien-gorge.

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Entrez vos mensurations pour connaître votre taille de soutien-gorge.

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Toute taille de soutien-gorge possède une taille équivalente, calculée comme suit : une taille de plus à la bande et une taille de moins aux bonnets. L'inverse est aussi possible : une taille de moins à la bande et une taille de plus aux bonnets.

Exemple: Vous portez un 40DD

AUGMENTEZ la taille de bande = 42 RÉDUISEZ la taille de bonnet = D
Par conséquent : 40 DD = 42 D

Notes & Évaluations

Too hard to do up


I was very excited for a high impact sports bra! I had great difficulty putting it on, the mesh layer adds to the cute look but makes it very difficult to put on. I liked the zip closure , however the itty bitty plastic clip was impossible to do up !! I got a workout just trying to do it up! Returned it



Great support...but...


This bra really offers great support for intensive workouts. However, I can my get in and out of it in the gym locker since you really need to slip everything off to change into it (I usually pull a Hoodini trick to change from regular bra to workout bra without exposing myself or needing a bathroom stall).



Best Sports Bra


Usually high impact/compression sports bras are hard to get in and out of because they are tight by nature, and the compression hurts my chest, but with THIS bra, the front zip closure makes it super easy to get in and out of, and the individual cups make it more comfortable to wear. This bra for the win!

Vancouver BC


Sexy Sports Bra, that works!


I love this bra!! Played softball with it on this evening and there was nothing bouncing around inside my shirt and trying to see the light of day!!! It was heavenly. I love the thicker black straps, and the fact that they put the tighten portion in the FRONT so you can tighten the straps with the bra on, and everything in place. This ensures a proper fit. Thank you. I do find it a true fit.

Victoria, BC




been looking for a front zip sports bra FOREVER, love the look and fit of this one!

Vancouver, BC


Fragile for a work out bra


the fabric is great, but the very small clasp is hard to do up, and the zipper is impossible to do up. I'm returning it today



I will buy this bra again and Will recommend it to others!


This is the best sports bra I have ever had the pleasure of wearing! It is so comfortable that it feels like you are not even wearing it but gives you the amazing support that you need!! love it!!

Kamloops BC




It is super comfy ! And hold everything in place :)

Edmonton Alberta


Nola Sports Bra with Fishnet & Zip Front - High Impact

4.0 8