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FAQ  - VIP Program


How can I sign-up? Signing up for the new program is easy! Just fill out and submit a sign-up form online or available in-store. Ensure to provide accurate and complete information.

Does it cost anything to be a member? VIP membership is FREE and there is no minimum purchase required.


How do I earn points? You earn points with every Addition Elle merchandise purchase, whether in-store or online, at a rate of 1 point for every $1 spent (pre-tax). If an item is returned, the corresponding points will be deducted from your point balance. Addition Elle will also hold "bonus points" events from time to time to help you accumulate more points faster!

Do points carry over into a new program year? No. All points are cumulative during a program year and remaining points do not carry over into subsequent years, although those members who attain the VIP Platinum level during a program year will start the next year at the Platinum level. The VIP program year starts September 1st and ends August 31st the following year.

How will I know how many points I have accumulated? You can check online or contact Customer Care (1-855-374-6947) to find out your point balance.

I just made an online purchase and the points are not showing up in my online account, why not? The VIP section of the website is a great way to check your points total, but it can sometimes take up to 10 days for your points balance to be updated with your online purchase(s).

Will I be reminded of my point balance? Points balances will be included on most of the e-mail messages sent throughout the program year. Accurate mail and e-mail addresses are ESSENTIAL, so that you never miss out.


What points levels do I need to reach to get a reward? The new VIP program allows you to receive up to a total of $125 in reward certificates each program year. There are two status levels and three point* thresholds:

Level 1 - VIP (regular): Reach 250 points and receive a $15 reward certificate.
Level 2 - VIP Platinum: 750 points and more. Reach 750 points and receive an additional $40 reward certificate and gain VIP Platinum member status! Reach 1250 points and receive an additional $70 reward certificate.
*All points are cumulative during the program year and remaining points do not carry over into subsequent years.

Once I have earned a reward, when can I expect to receive it? New reward certificates are issued four times throughout the program year. Distribution periods take place just in time for Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday seasons.

How can I make sure I receive all of the benefits promised by this program? You MUST provide accurate information on your sign-up forms, check off "yes" on both opt-ins and complete your online member profiles. This will enable you to receive all of the benefits you are entitled to!

How do I redeem my reward? Reward certificates must be redeemed in-store within ninety days of issuance, on Addition Elle merchandise, no matter what the price or promotion. The reward can only be used for one transaction, therefore you should use the full reward amount, or else you forfeit the remainder.

I am eligible for a reward, but I have not received anything. What should I do? It is very important that you have provided an accurate mailing address and that you have agreed to receive mail from us, otherwise there's no way for you to get what you deserve! To confirm your accurate mailing address and to opt-in for mailings, you can visit any store, call Customer Care (1-855-374-6947) or online.

I have provided accurate information and I am entitled to a reward, how come I still haven't received anything? Even if we have your correct mail and e-mail addresses, you must agree to receive e-mails and mail from us. This can be done by visiting any store location, calling Customer Care (1-855-374-6947) or online.


Where can I find out what all of the VIP program benefits are? You can refer to your VIP booklet for all program details.

What is a "bonus" points event? Bonus points events will be held from time to time to help you earn points faster to get your reward. An example of a bonus points event would be a "Double Your Points" event. During this event, make any purchase and the points you would normally accumulate (1 point for every $1 spent) will be doubled! i.e. : With a $50 purchase (pre-tax), you will get 100 points!

What is the "birthday surprise" for all members? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if we told you!

Am I automatically enrolled in contests and/or giveaways? Yes, if purchases are made within the contest registration period.

The VIP program talks about benefits with cross-marketing affiliates. Do you have any further information? Not yet. A full list of cross-marketing affiliates will be provided once all details have been confirmed. You will be the first to know; membership has it's privileges!

Will I start to receive offers and communications from your cross-marketing affiliates? Your information is kept confidential. We do not give our mailing lists to anyone. All special offers and benefits will be arranged with our partners but will be managed solely by Addition Elle.

I have just reached the 750 point threshold and am entitled to become a Platinum VIP. When can I take advantage of my new benefits? As soon as you reach the VIP Platinum status, you are eligible for the Platinum benefits. As long as your file has an accurate correct mail and e-mail addresses, you will receive your new Platinum VIP card and reward certificate by mail during the next mailing period. (Mail out times will vary.)

What is the "SPECIAL birthday gift" for VIP Platinum members? On top of the birthday surprise, VIP Platinum members will also receive an extra special birthday gift. We can't let you know what the gift is because we want it to be a surprise!

If I am a VIP Platinum member, what do I need to do to have an unavailable item delivered to my favourite store?favourite store? As a VIP Platinum member, you can have any unavailable item delivered to your favourite store for free, as long as the item is currently available at an Addition Elle location and is valued at $49.99 and up. All you need to do is go to your favourite Additon Elle store and ask a sales associate for details. The sales associate will be able to let you know whether or not the item is available and when it will arrive, so that you can finally get your hands on your must-have item!

What can you tell me about the "Pick your own sale day" offer for VIP Platinum members? The "Pick your own sale day" offer is for our top VIP Platinum members (those who attain the 1250 point threshold). If you reach this level, you are automatically entered to receive this offer by mail. The offer is in a coupon format with a specific redemption period. Just choose a day to shop within the redemption period and you have successfully picked your own sale day!

What if I reach the VIP Platinum status close to the end of the program year? Once you reach the Platinum status, you are eligible for the Platinum benefits. The status will carry over into the new program year.


What are the dates of the program year? The VIP program year starts September 1st and ends August 31st the following year.

What happens if I lose my VIP member card? There is nothing to worry about, because all points associated with the previous card will be transferred to your new card. You can visit any store or contact Customer Care (1-855-374-6947) and they will place an order for your replacement card.

What if I don't have my membership card with me when I make a purchase? You can still accumulate points by providing your name to the sales associate.

What if I don't want to be part of the VIP program anymore? Well, if you want to miss out on some fantastic benefits, you can opt out at any store, or with Customer Care (1-855-374-6947). But don't forget that you're welcome back at any time.